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Our Products

Our Products:

HEMA supplies wide range of educational teaching and learning materials. Most of these materials are imported from abroad, however, in the near future; we plan to develop these materials locally by using local talents and sources.  Our catalogue will contain a rich collection of materials in all major areas of learning and teaching supplies covering all age groups and customers and interests. Samples of our products include:

  • All text books and reference materials
  • Learning and teaching aid materials, i.e., educational charts, maps, science kits, science models
  • Educational games/toys such as blocks; puzzles; flash cards, art kits, and other fun educational and aid materials that will put into consideration the local text and perceptive contexts
  • School supplies, i.e., blackboards, exercise books, bags, pens, diaries, lesson plans, scheme of works, school register, attendance book, chalks, markers
  • School furniture like desks, chairs, class-room furnishing
  • Science lap chemicals and equipment, i.e., setting up lap rooms
Any other specialized and/or customized educational items