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Our New Vision

Our New Vision

In early 2015, we saw the growing void in the educational materials in Somaliland and Somalia and subsequently conceived the possibility of satisfying that demand.  After serving the market for couple of successful years, we embarked on the next logical step: acquiring the necessary financial to realize its full potentials. As a result, HEMA’s new vision to blanket the whole market was born and subsequently implemented in Somaliland as the hub to feed the rest of the markets in the Somali-speaking populations.


Our New One-stop-shop

To deliver on our promises, we created a more spacious central locations with satellite mini locations. For the utmost convenience of our customers, the one-stop shop is designed to consolidate the previously scattered educational material supply market – from retail to wholesale.


National Shopping Centre, Ex Ministry of Aviation

Opposite Bar-Hargeisa, Street#1.

Hargeisa, Somaliland